Women Cooking

Women cooking in Acre

Women Cooking - Prepared food delivered to your home

“Women Cooking” is a social-economic initiative established and managed by Smadar Kaplinsky. Our project brings together women from various Jewish cultures from all over the Diaspora, and our goal is to preserve and expose this bounty of Jewish culinary culture that has developed in Israel and to create an ethnic culinary mosaic based on these roots.

The Women Cooking Initiative offers a variety of services:

Orders for prepared meals online or by telephone.
Orders for prepared food from a wide variety of ethnic flavors and backgrounds.
Orders for unique catering service for weddings and other occasions. Varied ethnic cooking workshops in your home.

:Who we are

The “Cooking Women” initiative was established by Smadar Kaplinsky,
This initiative is based on the projects “Women Cook”, “Developing Ethnic Tourism” and “Ethnic Food
Festival in the Diaspora”. It has been operating since 2000 and its purpose is to expose the culinary and
cultural experience that has developed in Israel and it is based on the social and human value of
women’s empowerment.
The women in the initiative were born and raised within the strong clear ethnic cooking traditions in
which they have come to possess, and these traditions are a source of power and development
financially, personally and within their communities.